ChETEC-INFRA Masterclass

Welcome to the home of the first ChETEC-Masterclass "A Journey through the Elements"
Join us on a journey through the elements, to discover the world of Nuclear Astrophysics. During the masterclass you will learn the basics of stellar evolution and nuclear reactions, to understand the nucleosynthesis and the formation of the chemical elements.

The ChETEC Masterclass includes...

  • Introduction to the principles of nuclear reactions
  • Reconstructing the evolution of a star & building a Hertzsprung-Russell diagram
  • Insight into the work of nuclear physicists & astrophysicists
  • Analyzing the data of an experiment carried out by nuclear physicists at a particle accelerator
  • Tracing the origin of the elements and the meaning of nucleosynthesis

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The Masterclass will be available in 11 different languages, that can be accessed with Change Language on the left side.