ChETEC-INFRA Masterclass

Welcome to the second ChETEC-Masterclass "Fingerprints of the stars"
Join us on a journey through the elements, to discover the world of Nuclear Astrophysics. In this masterclass, you will learn the basics of nuclear reactions and their connection to the development of stars. Together we will try to understand where the chemical elements come from and what "nucleosynthesis" is all about. To do this, we will analyze the spectra of stars and find out what they tell us about the evolution of the cosmos.

The ChETEC Masterclass includes...

  • Introduction to the principles of nuclear reactions
  • Reconstructing the formation & evolution of a star
  • Reconstruction of the processes that formed the first matter immediately after the Big Bang
  • Analysis of spectra of old stars measured by astronomers with the Very Large Telescope
  • Tracing the origin of the elements and the meaning of nucleosynthesis

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